Plasma inverter Air plasma cutter

Product Application

LG-40/LG-63/LG-80/LG100 built-in air pump type inverter air plasma cutting machine is our exclusive for mobile operation, outdoor installation and narrow space and other users to develop new products. Completely changed the original plasma arc cutting machine generally need to configure air compressor with the mode of use. Using foreign special power devices and the latest inverter control IC development and production of high-tech products, it not only in the cutting thickness, slit finish, arc easy to carry out, cutting current continuously adjustable far ahead of traditional products and other inverter cutting machine

1.Adopt IGBT soft switch inverter technology, small volume, light weight, easy to move, fan intelligent control, energy saving.

2. High load duration, it is an efficient equipment

3. The function of accurate preset cutting current

4. Stable arc pressure, fast cutting speed, smooth cutting surface and small deformation

5. The cutting current rises slowly, gas delay stop function, can effectively protect the cutting torch

6. The unique high-frequency arc starting method reduces the interference to the CNC system.

8. Suitable for CNC cutting machine, robot matching, can be installed on the CNC gantry frame

Plasma inverter Air plasma cutter Plasma inverter Air plasma cutter


portable, energy-saving, low noise, built-in compressor maintenance-free, and with three phase missing phase and three phase fault phase automatic protection function, high reliability. It only USES three phase 380V power supply can work, cutting cost is low, can cut stainless steel, copper, aluminum, titanium, cast steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, composite metal and all other metal materials. Cut-40/63/80/100 also adds the function of manual welding with welding rods, which can be used in one machine.

Plasma inverter Air plasma cutter 

Technical data:

Rated input current12.5A21A12.5A21A
Rated output current63A100A63A/280A100A/350A
Cutting current adjustment range20-63A20-100A20-63A20-100A
Cutting rated no-load voltage300V330V//
Rated load duration0.
Way of workingUn-touchedUn-touchedUn-touchedUn-touched
air pressure0.3--0.6Mpa0.3-0.6Mpa0.3-0.6Mpa0.3-0.6Mpa
Optimum cutting thickness≤20mm≤32mm≤20mm≤32mm
Gas lag time                6s           6s                     6s              6s
weight              38kg          45kg                45kg             50kg

Operation method:

1. Connect the input cable to the three-phase 380V power supply, and note that the section of the power line connecting the input cable should be greater than 2.5 square mm.
2. Close the power switch of the cutting machine, the power indicator is on, and the cooling fan works; Set the function switch to the position of "gas detection", the built-in air pump will start, and there should be air ejection on the cutting torch. If the air pump is not started successfully, it may be that the phase of the power input is connected wrong, please replace any two positions of the live wire, or it may be a three-phase missing phase, please check whether the power input is missing phase;

3. Put the function switch in the position of "cutting", press the switch of cutting torch handle, and the cutting torch should be equally pneumatic.

4, according to the cutting workpiece thickness and material, select the appropriate current and cutting speed.

5. Cutting:
With a P80 non-contact cutting gun, hold the cutting torch to the starting position, aim the nozzle at the cutting workpiece, tilt the cutting torch forward by 15 degrees, and press the cutting torch handle switch. After the workpiece penetrates, start moving the cutting torch; After cutting, release the handle switch.

6. Welding: place the function switch in the position of "manual arc welding", remove the plasma cutting gun, insert the quick connection of welding handle into the socket of "welding handle wire", adjust the appropriate current and start welding.