1, Table CNC cutting machine is a kind of high-speed, precision CNC plasma cutting machine. Use the module structure, installation fast and convenient. Can smoking and table, in order to meet the requirements of environmental protection.
2, bilateral drive and mechanical precision, ensure the accuracy of cutting and precision.
3, the working width of 2000 mm, 6000 mm maximum working length can be up to 12 m/min , concentration of workbench (30 mm maximum cutting thickness)

The production of CNC flame, plasma cutting machine, is specially used for sheet metal blanking of nc equipment. Can realize to all kinds of metal materials Under the press any graphic material cutting. Cut mouth roughness can be up to 25 (del) 3, after cutting machine is cutting surface usually don't need to do a surface processing. Has a high degree of automation, easy to use, high precision, high reliability, low price and maintenance is very easy to operate, and other advantages, is widely used in automobiles, Ship, space of various kinds of machinery manufacturing for sheet metal blanking cutting.

1. Multi use with lowest costs1500*3000mm 100A portable stainless steel cnc plasma cutting machine. Adopt Starfire control system, it can cut arbitrary complex planar shape, high efficiency, low cost.

2. Convinient data input1500*3000mm 100A portable stainless steel cnc plasma cutting machine. The machine can read Auto CAD format file directly and turn into cutting program with humanized human machine interface and powerful automatic programming system with material software.

3. Accessible operation1500*3000mm 100A portable stainless steel cnc plasma cutting machine, This machine has special features of compact structure, beautiful style, light weight and convenient movement. It can cut by manual control, and also can cut automatically with stable movement and high cutting accuracy.

4. Intelligent Core1500*3000mm 100A portable stainless steel cnc plasma cutting machine. The machine adopts telescopic boom type structure, X, Y axis both adopt Aviation aluminum alloy material, high accuracy, no deformation and good appearance.