Product Description

The gantry CNC plasma and flame cutting machine is specially designed for metal plate cutting, it is gantry structure with double-driven system, working size can be customized upon requirement. It can be used for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metal in any 2 d graphics, thus is widely used in metal cutting fields.

Technical Parameters



Machine size(width*length)

4000*10000mm,can be customized

 Effective cutting area

3150*8000mm,can be customized

cutting methods

Plasma and flame

                               Plasma source


Cutting torch lifting distance


Flame cutting speed


Plasma cutting speed


Flame torch

                  one  group

Plasma torch

one  group

Arc voltage increase


Automatic ignition device


Drive mode

Bilateral drive

System console direction

According to user requirements

Transmission pipeline

Towline lateral, vertical towline



Longitudinal linear precision





Machine Advantages

1. Machine shelf: adopt 8mm thick steel plate welded thicker than the other manufacturers to improve the structural strength of the machine, and enhance life.

2. The front beam bezel: it is 20mm, after a one-time large gantry milling machine milling together, increasing the surface finish. Rail groove is disposable after a large milling machine milling together, increasing the beam rail straightness and parallelism, to ensure the positioning accuracy.

3.Adopt hollow beam design: to increase structural strength, remove the hard power, heat, and prevent the rack deformation.

4.Lifting Body: The changeling wheel concentric rotation tight structure, not easy to damage other manufacturers use the slider is easily broken, but not easy to repair, delay the construction period.

Our Services

1. We will offer some of the parts for free in the first year. The buyer needs to pay for the shipping cost for the parts. The user needs to send us pictures of the broken one, then we will send out the part they need. The whole machine we offer one year guarantee time free, without consumable parts replacement and man-made fault.

2. In the first year, if the buyer needs our engineers to come to the local to fix some problems of the machine that they cannot fix by themselves; we will send our engineers for free. The buyer needs to pay the flights, housing and meals for the engineers in the local.

3. We will offer our service through email and phones if the buyer needs any help on technical problems.

4. Our company English software can do all kinds of pattern recognition, software upgrading and updating free.