Technical parameter

ModelOBT 2060B
Processing materialIron plate, carbon steel,stainless steel, aluminum,etc other metals
Effective cutting range(mm)2000*6000mm
Z working area150mm
Cutting modePlasma cut only
Plasma Power sourceChina LGK 200A plasma source
Cutting thickness(mm)Max 40mm thickness carbon steel
Cutting speed(mm/min)8000mm/min
Cutting systemMicrostep STARFIRE
Torch Height Control(THC) modeAutomatic High sensitive THC
MotorsStepper motor
Emergency stopStandard equip
LCD Display Dimension7.0Inches
Move precision±0.1mm/m
Input Voltage380V three phase
Type of gas neededAir
Gas pressureMax.0.8Mpa
Working temperature-10°C-60°C. Relative Humidity, 0-95%.
Host weight(KG)2400KG
Total weight(KG)2600KG
Packing size2900*1600*1600mm

Why we are your best choice?

(1) We are more professional

We do this line many years ,have rich experience and professional knowledge ,will let you get the most suitable machine with the right configuration .

This ability can let you avoid many mistake and avoid some trouble .Other factory usually lack this experience ,and bring some trouble for the real customer .

(2)Gloves and Protective glass

We will equip the professional eye protected glasses(USD120) and hand protected gloves(USD80) , let your worker can safety operation during the

longer working . Other items our factory quality standard will try our best to catch the EU standard . Most other factory does not have this attitude.

(3) Air compressor

Friend,about our CNC plasma cutting machine, we will free equip a big Air compressor(value USD410), we also set the parameter well in the air compressor,

this is a necessary parts for machine working,you no need to spend extra USD410 to buy it in your local market, and can use your machine directly

when you received machine; While most other factory don't equip it, you need to spend extra money to buy it.

(4) Teaching video

We have detailed teaching video for customer, like step by step and hand by hand to teach how to use machine and software .etc,

so even a freshman will learn machine using faster and easier. While most other factory only have word instructions, we met many customer

misunderstand when read the word instruction and lead to operate wrong and damage the machine.

(5) Equipped two fans

we equipped the two fan for take the cutting smoke out from the room , front fan will blow to back , the back fan will exhaust the

smoke out from the machine and out from the room . This way ,will efficiency to let the workshop in the good environment .

While other factory does not have this fun or only have one .

(6) The laser water chiller is used for the power supply above 200A, which has better cooling effect and

can make the machine work longer. Other homes use ordinary water tanks, and the cooling effect is not good

(7) 200A or more than 200A plasma source, we all use laser machine’s water chiller, cooling effect better, this way can let machine working in longer time;

(8) While most other factory use normal water chiller, its cooling effect bad, then machine can not work in long time. There are many other ways Silimar this

to improve machine quality, I will not list them one by one.

(9) Our machines adopts column integration, it is is cast iron,without any welding. this integrated design has no cutting seam, to let the machines

accuraty more higher. So machines will also use more longer relatively. While most of the other suppliers use cutting seam design, the cutting

seam is relatively large, so it is easy to be effected by hot and cold weather, if use long time, it damages the machine, and affect the machine accuracy seriously.

Like this advantage, can improve the quality of machines, we have a lot, here are not listed one by one.

(10) About our plasma machine,we equip few quick connectors.And we already mark the number for the connectors.When you receive the machine,

you just need connect the connectors is ok.No need any tools.No need to connect a very large number lines to install the machine.You can use

and make the machine work successfully in 10 minutes when you receive the machine.While other factory don’t have this method,will make you

very confused,then waste you lots of time.There are more machine details can easy for customer operate the machine,now will not enumerate it.