Storm 2013 CNC Plasma & Flame 5' x 10' All Metal Cutting

Quick Details

Condition: New
Model Number: Storm CNC Plasma
Voltage: 220-240VAC, 50-60Hz
After-sales Service Provided: No overseas service provided
Cutting Area (XYZ): 5' x 10' (1.5meter x 3 meter x 100mm)
Standard Plasma Material: Hypertherm PMX30 (1-6mm T) Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum
Standard Flame Material: (6-100mm T) Mild Steel, Carbon Steel
Cutting & Max. Positioning Speed: 0 -10,000 mm/min, 25000mm/min
Software Support: AutoCAD, Solidworks, Catia, Google SKetchup
Optional Plasma: Hypertherm, PMX30 PMX65, PMX85, PMX105, MAXPRO200
Optional Oxy: Multistage Preheat & Pierce for Oxy for Cutting 300-500mm


Biggest Advantages

1. Professional Cutting with Easy-to-Use CNC.

You do not need to employ experienced operators. Most of our customers use foreign labour to operate the CNC. Just provide the CNC with AutoCAD file, and the rest will be taken care by Storm CNC.


2. Ultra-fast, No-Nonsense CNC Cutting

Storm CNC is very fast, up to positioning speeds of 25,000mm/min. This means we save up to 10 seconds from part-to-part positioning, saving 17 minutes per 1000 parts in a full plate cut. This is a full-fledge production CNC machine, but still maintains positioning and repeatibility accuracy of 10 microns.


3. Replaces up to 10 Human Manpower: Cutting Shapes

Storm CNC can cut shapes very easily. You do not need experienced manpower to prepare for cutting. You do not need to touch up / reweld / join / fix the cutting part compared to traditional cutting. Storm CNC can maintain very minimal dross, sharp edges, and very less bevel (with correct setting and consumables ).


4. Replaces up to 10 Human Manpower: Cutting Holes

Storm CNC can cut accurate holes from 6mm diameter to any size (1.5mm plate thickness and above). Our arc positioning harmonics are stimulated & modeled with 2nd Order Acceleration - synchronized to ensure speed does not harm the quality.


5. Replaces up to 10 Human Manpower: Plate Marking Points

For holes as small as 1 to 5 mm, Storm CNC can "pierce-mark" the plate for drilling. Plate Marking is done with Storm CNC Software, enough to cause a mark rather than a hole (at a pierce mark accuracy of 1 miliseconds). Plasma Marking Points are invented/created by us (Mechano Systems), to tackle the problem of plate marking after a CNC Cut.


6. Replaces up to 10 Human Manpower: Plate Bending Points

Sheetmetal is commonly placed in a bender after CNC Cutting. Storm CNC Software easily allows bending marks to be placed on plate (similar to Plate Marking) so the plate is ready to be processed by bending facilities without wasting time on marking. Another invention/creation by us (Mechano Systems).


6. Replaces up to 10 Human Manpower: Minimal Plate Finishing, Ready for Assembly

How many workers do you use to clean up the part after cutting? How many errors do they make? When you use Storm CNC, you are actually using a CNC Machine built in with 30 years of production experience. Each and every bit of cutting knowlege is applied, just to ensure Storm CNC cuts perfectly. In return, all you need is a simple tap to remove dross, and you are ready for the next assembly phase.


7. Wide Software Support

Storm CNC is ready to accept DXF file formats from AutoCAD, Solidworks, Catia, Pro Engineer, Draft Sight, Google Sketchup, Corel Draw, and Adobe Illustrator, making it the widest range of Software Support.


8. Optional Nesting Software

Nesting is a sheet metal optimizing technique, which intelligently rotates /arranges the parts in a very space-saving manner, utilizing the plate fully as high as 90%. Metal prices are rising gradually, each inches counts. Nesting technology with Storm CNC can bring the best out of your production.


9. Versatile & Flexible Plasma / Flame Support System

Storm CNC Plasma is equipped with the world's most reliable plasma cutter brand - Hypertherm. our Standard machine comes with Powermax30 (1 to 6mm T) , however it can be upgraded to any plasma model or brand you like. Same goes to Flame Cutting. Storm CNC Plasma is equipped with flame cutting technology similar to ESAB, and you can use any flame torch you like.


10. Excellent After Sales Support with Minimal Down Time

We are a commited company which ensures are customers are well served - we are not lying. We faciliate our customers with excellent after sales service.

  • For onsite, We provide Multi-dialect English/Malay/Mandarin/Cantonese on-site training to ensure your operators know how to use our Storm CNC Machine.
  • For offsite, we provide Internet Online Remote Support, where our engineers will have full access to the CNC Computer's Mouse and Keyboard to perform Diagnostics and Repair. Training Assistance, File Transfer and System Maintenances.
  • For telephone, we provide call-and-diagnose services to assist your operators to make sure Storm CNC is in production condition.
  • For spare parts, we always provide extra spare units for critical parts and components for easy replacement.