small cnc plate plasma cutting machine 1530 Portable CNC Metal PlasmaFlame sheet metal Cutting Machine Cutter for Sale

Quick Details

Condition: New
Voltage: 220v
Rated Power: 220v
Dimension(L*W*H): Depends
Weight: 140KG
Certification: CE ISO
Warranty: 1 Year
After-sales Service Provided: Overseas third-party support available
color: black

Technical Specification and Index

Guide length 3500mm
Effective cutting length 3000mm
Effective cutting width 1500mm
Plasma cutting torch 1 set
Electronic lifter 1 set
Cutting speed 100-2000mm/min
Maximum return rate 2000mm/min
Cutting thickness please refer to the parameter table
Cutting gas source compressed air
Installed capacity 0.4km
Power source 380VAC ±10% 50-60Hz

Technical Parameters

Cutting torch lifting distance 100mm
Rapid running speed 2000mm/min
Maximum cutting speed 2000mm/min
Linear position accuracy ≤0.5mm
Repeat position accuracy ≤0.5mm
Overall marking accuracy ±0.5mm


Technical Performance Specification

(1) Machinery parts

In order to cater to customers requirements of high speed and high accuracy,our company takes into account the machinery structures which may affect the performance of the machine when designing ,processing and manufacturing,including friction, backlash,rigidity,inertia and so on in a comprehensive way. And we also use the computer to analyze dynamic characteristics of machine.

1.Machine body adopts industrial aluminum , which possesses high intensity and rigidity.

2.Horizontal guide adopts high precision linear guide to ensure the horizontal guide precision.

3.It adopts high precision stepper motor with biaxial core guide vertically and horizontally. The gear is of high precision ,and the whole transmission is realized through the action of gear and gear rack.

4.The gear rack is made of special alloy steel which meet the standard of 7grades after high finishing,thermal treatment, and re-finishing. All these process ensure the transmission of high precision and long life.

Electric torch hanger:It is driven by DC reduction motor,the cutting torch makes linear lifting movement by means of crew rod and precision guide.


(2) The electrical control parts

Electrical control parts of the CNC cutting machine consists of CNC system,electrical control system and step-by-step motor system. The CNC cutting system adopts modular structure which is reasonable,formal and with easy maintenance. It widely adopts integrated circuit which has the advantage of small size, stable performance.The CNC cutting system can show the fault history, and have the function of fault alarm, self diagnosis, which can effectively protect the safety of personnel and equipment.Meanwhile it also has a variety of language menu (including Chinese)which is very convenient for the man-machine dialogue, it possesses a variety of input methods with convenient operation and can realize the automatic programming with PC communication function. All these are of great convenience to the users and saves a lot of time while guarantees a stable and reliable operation.

(3) CNC Control System

Beijing Starfire CNC Control System 2012

1) A 7.5 -inch LCD display

2) USB interface

3) Coordinate axis number : 2

4) Compounding axis number:2

5) Maximum programming range: +99999.999mm

6) Minimum programming range: -99999.999mm

7) Locus of control:Straight line, arc, and arbitrary curve by linear arc approximation

8) The machine feed speed range:50-12000mm/min

9) Breakpoint memory and quick return to breakpoints

10) It has different operating ways, including absolute/incremental programming, Cartesian coordinates/polar coordinates programming, standard subroutine/ parametric subroutine programming and online programming. It has the function of English and metric conversion, conversion coordinate axis symbol and the conversion between coordinate axis and symbols.

11) he slot, backlash compensation

12) Automatic deceleration control function

13) Chinese menu display and the function of display the location of cutting nozzle.

14) It has the function of display parts dynamic trajectory graphics and cutting nozzle tracking.

15) It can show the cutting path in advance and automatically report the fault of compiling.

16) Synchronous bilateral drive function.

17) input mode: manual data input and USB input

(4) Step-By-Step Motor System

1) The step motor has a mall size, large output torque and a quick response as well as easy installation, beautiful appearance.It uses a SPC as the position feedback and speed feedback element.

2) The driver is digital controlled, and has a power supply and control logic integrated modular structure.