5 Axis Description

Moving axis

Choose cutting axis

Range of activities

Y axis :Pipe rotary driving shaft 

360 ° free rotation

X axisThe trolley moves along the length of the tubeThe maximum stroke 12000 mm
A axisThe torch swings along the length direction of the pipe


B axisThe torch swings along the radial direction of the tube



Z axis :Torch move up and downTravel 450m

5 axis pipe profile cnc plasma cutting machine,plasma cutter,metal cutting machine ,support TEKLA,save labor,save cost,high working efficient.

system software can upgrate for free of whole machine life.

Technique Parameters


5 axis pipe CNC cutting machine

Round pipeDiameter 50-630mm ,can be customized

Effective cutting length  6/9/12m

Cutting method

Plasma powerHypertherm 105A plasma power , cut 1-20mm thickness
Flame cutting thickness6-60mm
Plasma cutting speed10-2000mm/min
A axis Bevel angle+-45 degree
B axis Bevel angle+-45 degree

Plasma bevel thickness

Flame bevel thickness6-40mm
Control systemKasry control system
ComputerTaiwan Advantech Industrial Computer
Driving motorJapanese Panasonic Servo motor with reducer
SoftwareKASRY Pipe Nest software
                                    Weight and size
Size(Length *width*height) 12000*2200*2100mm
Shipping40ft container
Working condition
Working pressure of compressed gasAbove 7mpa
Require gas flow of plasma4500L/H
Working environmentVentilation ,no concussion
The acceptable temperature around-20℃ -50℃
VoltageMachine :220/380V ,50/60HZ
Power wattage5KW
Types of gasPlasma :Air ,

Flame :Oxygen+Acetylene /propane


T -joint cuttingT-joint hole Cut (Inner-fit)
T-joint hole Cut (Out-fit)
T-joint hole Cut (off-center)
Branch pipe cuttingT-joint End Cut(center)
T-joint End Cut(off-center)
Slant joint End Cut (center)
Slant joint End Cut(off-center)
Main pipe cut square /slotRectangle hole Cut
Slit Cut (center)
Slit Cut (off-center)
Oblique crossing cuttingSlant joint Hole Cut (center)
Slant joint Hole Cut (off-center)
Pipe end cutting Straight End Cut
 Miter End Cut
Multi-branch cuttingMulti –branch profile Cut
Multi –branch and Branch End Cut
Annular pipe crossing Cut
Elbow (shrimp joint) Cut
Multi –branch profile Cut
Main FunctionMax bevel angel: Both are ±60°in vertical and horizontal
Min cutting intersection angle: ±30°
Cutting speed: Auto stepless peed regulation
Continuous cut setting
Fixed angle and Fixed point beveling Setting
Automatic tube compensation error ellipse

Software Advantages

Easy generate cutting files,upon the output cutting files, can form the whole project budget materials chart. eg. A high speed train station project, after modeling by Tkla, can form the chart what type pipes needed, how many pipes, how long meters,how the diamters needed. From the sofware you can know how many materials need to prpare, big way to save materials.
Auto cad generate G code, can realize batch nesting,batch change to G code,save manpower,save cost, high improve work efficiency. Previous and some others,have to arrange many engineers to separate the drawings, this normally paid a hig salary according to how many tons pipe need to do. KASRY software can save manpower,save costs,also improve effeciency in a great way.
Nesting optimizationSupport twist angel nesting. Also support remain materials second time nesting,save raw materials at least 1%-2%. eg. If your project need 50ton steel pipes, then can save 2ton raw materials, if the total project need 5000ton steel pipes,then can sasve 20ton pipes...bigger amount,larger save.Spport AWS and API small angel support.

4.Rich photo graphic data base, since we are the first factory developed square pipe cutting and

beveling machine, and kasry is the No.1 sales quantity in the domestic market now. Along with more and more clients site, we got rich experience in many industry area. we form many useful date base free offer to clients.

5.3D Modeling cutting, spread out, can be seen in a real time, easy to know the process.

6. Support continuous cutting, can enjoy lifetime updates for free.