1530 Portable CNC Flame Cutting Machine

Basic Info

Voltage: AC220V
Gas: Oxygen+Acetylene or Propane)
Mode: Nhc-1530
Power Input: 22010%V 50/60Hz
Effective Cutting Range: 1500*3000mm
Cutting Thickness(Flame): 5-150mm(Oxygen+Acetylene or Propane)
Cutting Thickness(Plasma): Depended on Plasma Powe
Operation Precision: 0.2mm/M
Cutting Torch and Height Adjustment: Flame, Height Adjustment by Motor(50mm)
Programming Software: Fastcam
Gas Pressure: Max.0.1MPa


Product features

(1)Working stability, high frequency interfere effectively plasma, lightweight portable;
(2)Support two cutting ways of flame and plasma;
(3)Economic benefits, the structure and design is contracted. It adopts humanistic positive man-machine conversation and operate easily;
(4)Cutting has high quality, high effect level, high precision;
(5)English and Chinese interface can free to convert;
(6)Pre-sale will train and after-sale will track service.


Portable plasma CNC cutting machine can be programmed to cut any plane shape parts composed of beeline and arc, which are same as large gantry cutting machines. It is equipped with a 5.7 inch LTD with dynamic and static graphical display. It is directly perceived and very easy to learn. It can be programmed to cutting parts directly, and also can be operated in computer translating instructions into a program file by CAD program, and then deducing it via U hardware. The standard positioning of this machine is flame cutting, external hanging plasma cutter is also workable.


Product advantage

Less investment, the higher cutting efficiency, lower operating and maintenance cost!
When cutting the thickness of the steel plate under 30mm, It has better advantage. Cutting costs about one-tenth of the laser cutting edge and one-sixth of water jet cutting.
This product is suitable for large, medium and small mines, widely used in automobile, shipbuilding, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, suitable for carbon steel (flame cutting), and stainless steel.
Software and material
CAD drawings and computer graphics can be reduced to G code which used to cutting components,
Code file G deposit ORM, and input into the cutting machine, the system will automatically make the G code convert cutting program.
This product with USB interface, convenient program transmission. In material software Set cutting compensation.

(1) Numerical Controls
1, 5.7 inches and high resolution LCD of Monitor. Displaying cutting graphics and cutting orbits. Operate more simplified.
2, Keyboard and buttons operating mode.
3, Support USB file. Also it can be manually edit cutting program (G code).
4, 2 axis line and circular interpolation.
5, Support suspend workin-process suspending, forward, backward, speed governing and so on.
6, System has power failure of memory function and back parameter and automatic perforation cutting function.
7, System has manual and electric going up and down control function.
8, Has cutting gap compensation function.
9, Electronic clutch operation, convenient and realize rapid positioning (and stop button).
10, The temperature fan, and start up when need pneumatics. It can extend fan's life-span.
11, System can store 30 files, and each file can 2000 lines. U dish can be stored 2GB.
12, High-speed 16-bit single chip, FLASH storage procedures and external USB read transmission program.

(2)Component parts
1, It is made up of the horizontal, vertical guide rails, and host.
2, The host part, the MOD adopts to prevent magnetic structure, ensure reliable and stable operation of the CNC system.
3, Driven is 1.8 track support motor.
4, Horizontal and vertical guide use aluminum core shaft, In side has strengthened by mechanical principle, making its shape.